4 Plantable Cards- Happy Birthday Plant Lady

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Eco friendly, biodegradable greeting cards! And bonus, you’ll get a new plant baby from these plantable cards!

These hand made cards are a perfect eco friendly alternative when the birthday rolls around for the plant lady in your life! All cards are hand made in small batches with a sprinkle of flower seeds in each. Simple designs on the front allow for the uniqueness of this handmade paper to shine and are blank on the inside.

Things to note

  • 100% post-consumer/recycled paper used and therefore color varies card to card but the majority falls somewhere between light grey and tan.
  • Some seeds leave a stain/mark, this is normal and contributes to each card being unique
    *US shipping only*

**This set includes the 4 cards and 4 brown envelopes.**
Size- 4.25 in by 5.5 in (with envelope 6 in by 4.5 in)

Due to the handmade nature, please allow for variation in size and color.

Planting instructions

  1. Tear into pieces to allow the paper to naturally biodegrade in the soil
  2. Plant under about a pinkie nail's worth of soil
  3. Water and give plenty of sun

It's that simple! Did you know I add my scraps of paper from my gratitude jar to the making of these cards? Let's connect on instagram @rockywoods_studio  or facebook @rockywoodsartstudio and let me know what you are grateful for. I’ll write it down and add it to my gratitude jar, all of which gets recycled, turning into the paper pulp for these cards! Growing gratitude!