What's a Plantable Card?

Paper scraps are broken down into paper pulp, so it can then be recycled by hand into cards

Paper pulp in seven containers, colors ranging from multiple shades of blue and tans

So let's first talk about what these hand made papers are made of...

paper, it's paper y'all.

It's paper made from old paper, you get it!

Paper waste from junk mail, old journals, flyers, etc. are broken down into paper pulp, so it can then be reformed into new sheets for greeting cards and other paper products.

During the paper making process, flower seeds are sprinkled in the paper pulp.

This may create bumps in the paper and sometimes a slight discoloration, depending on the seeds.

The coloring on these cards are solely from the ink of the paper scraps used to make it.

Even better is when you are done with the card, you simply tear it up and plant it under about a pinkie nail's worth of soil. Then give it some love with water and sunshine.

And watch it grow!

Good for the soul, 

good for the bees!